Welcome to Destination Ninja-neer, a blog documenting my journey in IT as a Junior Network Engineer with the goal of someday becoming a “Ninja” in my industry. 

The drive behind the creation of this blog, is due to my life mission and passion for helping others who may be in my shoes, green in the field but wake up hungry to learn something new everyday. As a Junior you wear many hats, there is so much learning to do, and the imposter syndrome is REAL!! The important thing is to embrace every situation good or bad and learn from your mistakes. Just remember, those Ninja-neer’s you look up to and aspire to be like, were in your shoes at one point in their career’s as well.

You can expect a variety of content on this blog from motivational, failures, Wins, and quick guides I’ve created and will continue to create, regarding issues I’ve come and will come across in the field that may be of help to you. That said, I’m glad you are here and thank you for embarking on this journey with me. Lets git it!